2017: What are you doing to reach your goals?

It is so easy to set goals for a new year.  Have you gone through the process of setting goals and found yourself motivated for the first couple of weeks and now you see your eagerness of reaching these goals slowly fading?  We have all experienced this situation.

In this blog post by Michael Hewitt, he discusses using Activation Triggers for reaching the goals you have set for yourself either professionally or personally.  Hewitt defines them as “simple statements or actions that streamline the process of reaching our goals. How? By anticipating whatever contingencies or obstacles we might face, we can cue a desired response. Instead of relying on our decision making in the moment (when our willpower might be at its lowest), Activation Triggers lock in our decisions in advance.”

Will you use Activation Triggers to reach your goals for 2017?  It is a great time to set them up and begin practicing them as we approach the third week of the new year.

Read the full blog post HERE.