What types of positions does IntelliSource fill?

Our team of business savvy and industry experienced Service Professionals work with small and large companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Individual placements include full-time- working for IntelliSource and contract- working for our customers, ranging from entry level administrative and clerical, thru mid- tier technical positions to VP and C-level executives. Visit our professions page to see a list of professions we regularly staff.


Where is IntelliSource located?

We’re headquartered in Denver, Colorado and maintain various satellite locations throughout Colorado and the Western United States  to serve our clients’ and employees’ needs.


Why should I work with IntelliSource – what makes IntelliSource different?

With IntelliSource, you’ll find a personal touch that truly demonstrates we care. We care about the client companies with whom we partner, the employees who work directly with and for us, the candidates we place in our direct hire and search work, and the communities in which we live and work. Our commitment, passion and knowledge surpass what you’ve experienced working with and/or for many of our competitors. Our people truly make the difference and IntelliSource stands behind our work, ensuring satisfaction. We do what’s right for you.


Who will I be working with at IntelliSource?

When you work with IntelliSource you work with an entire dedicated, professional team. An integral part of our success is our IntelliFit Process. Whether you’re a candidate, employee or customer we’ll match you with the right recruiter, account manager and support team. It’s all about the fit.


How long has IntelliSource been in business?

IntelliSource was founded in 1999.


What does it mean to be certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise Council?

From www.wbenc.org/certification WBENC’s world class certification is accepted by more than 1000 corporations representing America’s most prestigious brands, in addition to many states, cities and other entities. WBENC Certification validates that IntelliSource is 51% owned, controlled, operated and managed by a woman or women. To achieve WBENC Certification, women owned businesses complete a formal documentation and site visit.


Who is eligible to work for IntelliSource?

As an equal opportunity employer, IntelliSource offers opportunities to individuals who meet our screening qualifications including proof of eligibility of right to work in the United States.


Where can look at jobs with IntelliSource?

We have all of our jobs posted on our website at jobs.intellisource.com.


Does IntelliSource work locally or nationally?

IntelliSource has a customer and employee base that reaches internationally from the United States to Canada, Mexico and beyond. Our services have been delivered around the globe and have proven successful, wherever they’re deployed.


How big is IntelliSource?

We’re big enough to serve and small enough to care – we work with small local companies, as well as national Fortune 100 companies.


Is IntelliSource a “temp” agency or “traditional” staffing company?

Our services expand far beyond those of a traditional staffing agency. The overwhelming majority of IntelliSource’s business comes in the form of outsourced, long term, multi-year contracts, exclusive partnerships and client-specific initiatives and projects. With IntelliSource you’ll receive the customized services that best suit your changing needs – large or small. Our human resources expertise is demonstrated through our onsite partnerships and comprehensive and customer-specific programs. This is what we do.


Do you offer direct hire opportunities?  

Yes. IntelliSource manages many long term, multi-year contracts and offers regular, full time employment opportunities within IntelliSource in addition to short-term, contract, contract to hire, direct hire, project specific and corp to corp opportunities with our client partners.


How long will it take for IntelliSource to find me a position?

IntelliSource respects each person as an individual, with individual skills, strengths, aspirations and both short and long term career goals. We endeavor to place qualified candidates in the right position, as quickly as possible. Actual time to hire is dependent upon our company’s growth rate and active order volume, your skill sets and flexibility and the fit that exists between all parties.


How long does it take Intellisource to find suitable employees for my open positions?

While there are no shortcuts to a process that yields a 95%+ success ratio, the simple answer is, the duration of the process is based on the complexity of the need. In every case, we start with our proprietary high-tech, high-touch™ approach to assess specialized skill sets, nuances and cultural implications to truly understand your needs at an expert level. Then, we access one of the largest privately held databases in the country of screened, personally interviewed and verified employees – a database we built ourselves. And it all starts with just one call.


Are you a temporary service provider or a 3rd party logistics provider?

IntelliSource is not a temporary service provider.  We specialize in providing 3rd party logistics services for organizations whose model is aimed at outsourcing either their entire business or a portion of it.  Many of our customers are within the e-commerce community, but we’ve also branched into the overnight small package arena.  In addition, we’ve established a strong niche and strategic partnership reputation with start-up operations that require extreme agility and flexibility with their service while delivering exceptional results that help those organizations grow.


Are you more aligned with servicing small, midsize, or large footprint clients?

IntelliSource services customers of various sizes and manages facilities that have grown from small operations to some of the largest within their communities in a very short period of time.  Our strength lies in our ability to continually partner with our clients to help them reach their full potential by drawing on our subject matter expertise and experience, continually hiring and managing a talented workforce that is right-sized for a growing operation, delivering comprehensive solutions that allow our customers to maximize growth and profitability.


How do you either assume control of a portion of our business or the entire business?

We have a talented group of experienced leaders within our organization in the areas of business services, implementation and logistics that work together to define specific customer needs and develop custom mutually agreed upon solutions to meet specific organizational goals and objectives. Our implementation team and logistics operations group then work together to initiate the process of implementing the comprehensive solution, best practices, processes, and technology.  Following start-up implementation, our logistics team, who is responsible for delivering excellence for our customers, manages site operations.


What types of experience do you have on your team of logistics/fulfillment professionals?

Our logistics/fulfillment includes an exceptional team with proven professionals with diverse expertise in the areas of e-commerce, retail logistics, 3rd party logistics, IT solutions, operating big box distribution facilities and highly-automated facilities to include pick-to-light and voice picking.  Members of our team have worked for some of the major logistics organizations in the industry and have many years of experience leading high-performing teams.


Why would a start up or a proven retail or e-commerce organization choose Intellisource as their 3rd party logistics or outsourcing provider?

IntelliSource has the expertise that smaller organizations need in order to get their logistics operations off the ground, and the bandwidth that medium to large organizations need in order to improve their overall performance and profitability.  Our solutions are customized to meet the long-term performance needs of our customers, but flexible enough to be able to quickly adapt to any changing market condition.  At IntelliSource, we’re always looking for ways to help you grow your organization and continually partner with you every step of the way.


What kind of relevant experience does your Implementation team have?

The IntelliSource Implementation team is the most tenured team within the organization with a diverse mix of broad skills and specific areas of expertise that align with the most critical elements of success with any implementation or transition project.


How involved in my business will you be?

With our desired goal to be completely aligned with our customer in order to deliver a new standard of performance, we’re as involved in your business as you’re willing to allow us in order to be successful.  We know that our customers are seeking immediate value from their relationship with IntelliSource and welcome our ability to challenge traditional thinking and count on us to provide a fresh and unique perspective on manageable solutions to improve performance.


If you do not have an operation near our location, how will you find us people we need to run our operation?

IntelliSource is consistently successful at meeting employee targets for our customers because our IntelliFit approach for recruiting and hiring employees does not follow traditional means or methods.  We carefully analyze each market, define our targets and then build and execute a custom strategy to reach them with a message and opportunity that’s unique and compelling.  Our commitment to our customers is long-term, so we invest in strategic relationships within your market or community that will provide mutually beneficial results and sustained success for years.


How involved with implementation can we be?

Every customer is different, but our goal for total alignment is consistent in every implementation.  Our implementation process and planning benefits from an engaged customer relationship, but with a clear set of mutually understood expectations, goals and objective, our customers can choose to be as involved as they wish throughout the implementation/transition period.


How can you possibly understand the pressure that our business is under and be able to move at “Our Speed?”

We manage our own company with an intensely high sense of urgency that depends on relationships, expectations, and communication that are established using the 5 “A’s” (Alignment, Assessment, Accountability, Appreciation, and Awareness). We believe that by following these principals for successful relationships, we’re able to maintain excellent communications with our customers that consistently deliver mutually desirable outcomes.  We love to operate at our customers’ speed or faster and have proven our ability to do so time and time again.

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