At IntelliSource, we understand that finding the right person is not only critical to your business; it is a time-consuming process taking your core employees away from their primary functions.  That’s why we find people for your company with a different approach – our dedicated team of tenured recruiters work in tandem with our marketing team, and together they focus on finding reaching talent that meets your unique requirements and company culture.

We pride ourselves on our high-touch, innovative and candidate focused approach to traditional staffing.  Each of our partners benefit from our team being actively involved in the hiring process while they can bypass the time-consuming steps of recruiting and screening. Whether your business is experiencing rapid growth, relocation, high attrition or seasonal peaks, the team at IntelliSource can help. We leverage our core competency to recruit, screen, hire, motivate, manage and retain the best talent available quickly and cost-effectively through our proven process, with particular expertise in securing hard to find candidates (affectionately called the “purple squirrel”).

IntelliSource evaluates each partner’s unique culture, and hiring needs to develop a tailored recruiting strategy which we implement in our proven best practices. We enroll our marketing team to reach candidates building a robust pipeline from day 1.  In addition to phone and video interviews, our team meets each qualified candidate for one or multiple interviews depending on the position and our partner’s needs and directs top quality candidates to our partner.

No matter how unique a candidate’s required blend of experience may be, our team will deliver a selection of talent that meets your needs.

Want to learn more about our unique approach to people?

Meet Abby – Abby is responsible for driving results through our team of tenured recruiters. She develops relationships and ensures service delivery for each of IntelliSource’s partners through our proven high-touch approach. She has a background in project management and ensures communication of deliverables from each of our partners is clearly outlined, and our teams consistently meet metrics through service delivery.

Learn more about Abby by clicking her picture or if you have questions for her – click HERE to get in touch.