Are you planning for peak?

Planning for Peak Post Card CGVers-1Need high-volume recruiting?  Want to work with a company with a history of over 100% fill rates in multiple markets?

In competitive markets, it is imperative to demonstrate innovation, flexibility and creativity to draw the necessary volume of quality candidates. IntelliSource demonstrates these characteristics while maintaining a flexible and scalable approach customized for each individual partner.

IntelliSource is the SOURCE for your SUCCESS during your peak season.  

Our approach is:

Innovative | Our strategic and targeted marketing approach drives hundreds of applicants through multiple channels, which is critical to filling every order; just as critical are integrated back-end systems and processes that enable us to manage high volumes while optimizing the applicant experience with a high-touch approach – critical in today’s social media driven environment.

Data Driven | Serving as the foundation of our marketing and recruiting strategy, our team conducts a market study for each designated market area to determine target geography, positioning and messaging.  Real-time hiring and tracking metrics are provided including pipeline health, applicant volume and projected starts.

Creative | We have worked closely with state officials to address delayed background check processes, leading to a reduction in turnaround time from 7-10 days to 1-3 days.  This change was critical to keeping the flow of employees at a maximum during peak season.

Flexible | We have the ability to adapt quickly to the daily or weekly changes in workforce demand that is common in the light industrial space.   Our internal communication structure ensures that all stakeholders have an up to the minute understanding of customer requirements on any given day and can adjust efforts accordingly.

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