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With over 17 years’ experience under our belt, IntelliSource understands that finding the right people is not only critical to your business, it is also a time consuming process taking core employees away from their primary functions.  Our dedicated team of tenured IT and business services recruiters focus on finding talent that meets your unique requirements and company culture with a personal, high-touch approach.


            Whether your business is experiencing rapid growth, relocation, high attrition or seasonal peaks, the Staffing Resources team at IntelliSource can help. We leverage our core competency to recruit, screen, hire, motivate and retain the best talent available quickly and cost-effectively through our proven


          process, with particular expertise in securing hard to find candidates (affectionately called the “purple squirrel”).  No matter how unique a candidate’s required blend of experience may be, our team will deliver a selection of talent that meets your needs.


            Our staffing resources team are skilled at finding top talent in the following areas and models:




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