Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

As a leading business process outsourcing provider, our goal at IntelliSource is to align our solutions with your long-term business strategies, giving your business a competitive advantage that positively impacts financial results.  These solutions, including front and back office functions, are designed to meet business needs without compromising core competencies.

Fueled by top-talent and powerful analytics, our proven approach is scalable and agile, resulting in maximum productivity, risk-mitigation, cost optimization and operational success.  We have experience running operations for customer contact centers, business contact centers, technical support centers, sales support, marketing optimization and business center management.

We understand the importance of upholding your brand throughout our partnership and engaging with your employees and customers to drive value, satisfaction, and results in the area of the business that you have trusted with IntelliSource.  Our solutions are custom tailored to your business to ensure a high touch, white glove experience.  With the included layer of leadership, our subject matter experts align with yours to ensure unprecedented transparency and flexibility.

We provide business process outsourcing across several areas including but not limited to:

INSIDE/OUTSIDE SALES SUPPORT Sales operations are growing increasingly critical for building market share and maximizing various resource channels supporting internal and external sales efforts.  By engaging IntelliSource to augment an existing internal or external sales team, businesses can scale operations through a proven data-driven approach, and each sales path is pre-defined from identification to qualification, nurturing to up-selling or cross-selling, and then funneled to the appropriate channel for closing.

BUSINESS CENTER MANAGEMENT From creating standard operating procedures to business center solutions, IntelliSource knows that the demands of today’s competitive environment require best-in-class solutions with 24/7/365 focus on the customer.  Our broad spectrum of business services span from quoting to order processing, to management of the entire order through the fulfillment center.

CUSTOMER CONTACT CENTERS A customer contact center is no longer just about phone calls; it is about becoming and extension of our partner’s brand and engaging with customers to drive value, satisfaction and results.  Our solutions include multi-channel, multi-device tactics across inbound and outbound programs including voice, social, mobile, chat, email and text.  Our breadth of service is designed to engage our partner’s customers in the critical moments of any interaction, turning their contact center into a profit center.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES Building strong customer loyalty in today’s technology-driven marketplace means resolving technical issues quickly, accurately and courteously.  From problem resolution to hardware, software or application support, our technical support services boost customer satisfaction and improves operations.

CONSUMER BASED BILLING  IntelliSource’s strong banking history has created the ability to set up multiple banking, billing and software relationships that enable accurate and timely remittance of consumer funds on a daily basis.

SECURITY, FRAUD AND COMPLIANCE Information security is imperative and IntelliSource safeguards all data, mitigates security breaches and ensures compliance of security regulations.    Our stringent technology and procedures minimize exposure and risk.

Want to learn more about our unique approach?

Meet Abby – Abby is responsible for driving results through our team of tenured recruiters. She develops relationships and ensures service delivery for each of IntelliSource’s partners through our proven high-touch approach. She has a background in project management and ensures communication of deliverables from each of our partners is clearly outlined, and our teams consistently meet metrics through service delivery.

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