Employee Spotlight: Dianah Cortez

Our Employee Spotlight for this month was the fantastic Dianah Cortez! You may also know her as TCB around IntelliSource (which, of course, stands for Taking Care of Business). She stepped in to help with the Tesla Curbside project and assisted in several different capacities while also supporting our accounting team as an expert in Direct Deposit processes. All while she handled her other day to day duties on top of these new and sudden projects.

Dianah Cortez: Corporate Support

Combined with her great attitude, Dianah has been the poster child for helping the business and being a pleasant piece of our company culture. We asked Dianah a few questions about herself and her time at IntelliSource to see what makes TCB tick!

What tidbits do you want your co-workers to know about you professionally?

I have tremendous follow-through, attention to detail, and can motivate anyone. I can tackle any problem, sometimes single-handed, without a complaint and foster a sharp resolution. 

What do you feel your biggest professional strength is?

My empathy and organization are my biggest strengths. I use my intuitive nature to connect with a wide range of people, allowing me to bring order to chaos with an upbeat and loving spirit. I often joke that my most exceptional talent is being “politely persistent,” ensuring that whatever I’m working on is completed on time and under budget.

What interesting fact do you want your co-workers to know about you outside of work?

I am an avid hiker; you’ll find my two rescue dogs and me hiking the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Don’t be surprised if I pass you! Also, I walk at one speed, Warp Speed!

What hobby did you have when you were younger that most people wouldn’t guess? 

I was a member of Denver’s Premiere Roller Derby League, the Denver Roller Dolls. I skated with the Bad Apples and was known as Vanna Fight. Don’t let my size fool you, the “wicked walker hip check” has sent many to their doom.

What is your favorite part about working at IntelliSource?

I appreciate my co-workers and the diversity of opinions and thought patterns. For when we welcome an open and honest discussion, more often then not, you’ll be inspired by what a group can do.

Through her 13 1/2 years, Dianah has been a consistent positive presence within IntelliSource. As one of the most tenured members of our team, Dianah has seen everything you can think of while working at IntelliSource and has invaluable knowledge of the business and what it takes to be successful. Her ability to use EQ and her empathetic nature combined with her strong work ethics and a great sense of humor are just some of the things that make Dianah a great piece of our team!

Thank you for all you do at IntelliSource!