How RPO Can Help You Hire Great Candidates

Finding new and talented people to hire that will also grow with your company can be a difficult task. Not only for smaller companies who lack resources to find the diamonds in the rough, but also for larger companies. Huge organizations that are so vast they need management assistance. Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO can help your company find the best candidates for your team while managing the full process of hiring.

What is RPO?

Essentially, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the business process of an employer delegating their recruiting processes to a 3rd party outside of the company. Depending on what your company is looking for in terms of recruitment, RPO can help you to manage portions or the full recruitment process which makes the whole process scalable based on need.

Why Use RPO?

There are several benefits to RPO processes for companies. Costs of maintaining a recruitment team can often be more than using RPO services. Scaling up and down for peak hiring seasons can also be much easier with RPO services. You can ramp hiring services up and down with additional support when needed. You also gain additional insight and advice from those experts you hire. This can give you an alternative view on situations in hiring.

How is RPO Implemented

At IntelliSource, we work to help companies and assist with building teams in the culture of our clients. One such client, a Fortune 50 Company, was looking to open a brand new state-of-the-art call center in a new market for them. The area they were moving to had a low unemployment rate. Our partner had a need to hire over 600 employees. They had previous struggles with finding those employees and sought out our expertise to help move them forward

IntelliSource defined a customer go-to-market strategy based on market-specific intelligence and analysis of workforce trends, unemployment rates, competing businesses, and compensation analysis. We drew knowledge from our several previously successful candidate attraction campaigns already launched in markets nationwide. Using all our resources and data, we implement a tailored digital campaign. We worked to attract both active and passive candidates through geographic and demographic targeting. We also fit the campaign to match the customer’s brand standard and culture.

Through our marketing efforts and sourcing knowledge, we were able to hire the candidates needed for our partner to have a successful and fully staffed call center.

RPO can help your company build a team and save time & money. By utilizing the resources and expertise of RPO specialists, your company can be prepared for any hiring situation that may arise throughout the year. Contact IntelliSource today and ask us how we can help your company grow to new heights!

Mike Trinidad