Manufacturing Logistics

Manufacturing Logistics

Manufacturing, logistics, production, distribution and fulfillment center operations are mission-critical to business success and customer or end user satisfaction. As our partner’s resources focus on core business functions, IntelliSource is there to focus on the critical aspects of a company’s logistics to ensure products are being produced, manufactured and delivered to their final destination accurately, efficiently and with the right people.

Knowing every company has different needs, IntelliSource understands a one-size-fits-all approach is not going to bring success in this area.  Our flexibility and personal approach are what makes us different.

Our manufacturing logistics operational experience includes but is not limited to:

FULFILLMENT AND DISTRIBUTION IntelliSource provides dedicated on-site resources, management and recruiting, account ownership, implementation teams and executive sponsorship ensuring consistency, direct lines of communication and accountability. Typically, we work with our customers on their building goals (70:30, 60:40, etc.) and determine a plan that is low cost, industry leading value and fits their business objectives.

Our team practices Kaizen/Lean/5s continuous improvement methodologies.  Our experience with both e-commerce and traditional fulfillment and distribution solutions maximizes service performance and operational efficiencies across the supply chain.

HIGH VOLUME RECRUITING Our high volume recruiting methodology is tailored to suit designated market areas and customer requirements. Our unique and streamlined approach delivers high quality candidates in some of the nation’s tightest job markets.  Our approach is innovative, flexible and data driven, with dedicated marketing efforts to drive the required volume of candidates to fulfill workforce needs.  IntelliSource offers high volume recruitment sourcing for quality candidates who are managed by us and/or transitioned to our customer for direct hire, as well as a full service model in which IntelliSource manages associates on-site at your facility.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Our reporting capabilities are used to gauge and recalibrate our performance on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  IntelliSource uses real-time hiring and tracking metrics to keep our customers up to date on performance while adjusting our performance as needed for upcoming and current demands of the market.

ANALYTICS AND REPORTING Implementing enterprise-wide technology (ERP, OMS, WMS), we provide sophisticated, accurate and real-time reporting for time-keeping, attendance, scheduling, absence management, human resources and payroll.  An experienced team provides customized and automated reports specific to our customers’ needs.

SAFETY AND TRAINING PROGRAMS IntelliSource offers comprehensive safety and training programs for our partners and associates.  We implement dedicated, on-site expert safety programs aligning with customer requirements. Our ongoing programs lead to safety indicators that perform consistently better than the industry averages.

HUMAN RESOURCES IntelliSource on-boards and trains all associates while offering full benefits for eligible employees and their dependents including medical, dental, life, ADD, vacation and holiday pay.  IntelliSource administers compliance and employment law practices.  IntelliSource assumes all risk, administration and costs associated with workers’ compensation claims.  Our industry leading retention programs and on-going training and development programs are implemented specific to each partner’s requirements and culture.

Want to learn more about our unique approach to logistics?

Meet Abby – Abby is responsible for driving results through our team of tenured recruiters. She develops relationships and ensures service delivery for each of IntelliSource’s partners through our proven high-touch approach. She has a background in project management and ensures communication of deliverables from each of our partners is clearly outlined, and our teams consistently meet metrics through service delivery.

Learn more about Abby by clicking her picture or if you have questions for her – click HERE to get in touch.