Meet Kailia, Q4 2022 Hero

Meet Kailia, Q4 2022 Hero

IntelliSource Quarterly Heroes

Meet Kailia, one of our front-end recruiters in Kansas. She handles a chaotic number of candidates daily to fill our screening schedules. In the past quarter, Kailia scheduled an average of 30-50 candidate screenings per day. Kailia is one of the key reasons we have met or exceeded our interview goals every week for Q4. When Kailia was taking time off, there was a clear difference in the schedule. She has figured out a way to balance her work around her personal life, to make sure she can keep doing what she loves – scheduling! 

With increased goals and the team screening, she is actively working every weekend and manages her time well. Since Kailia has transferred among our partner accounts, she improved her overall skills. Lately, she has been asking for opportunities to learn more and grow. We are thrilled to see Kailia taking on new projects.  

See what she had to say in the video below!

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