Q4 2022 Heroes of the Quarter

The year 2022 was a year full of growth and possibilities at IntelliSource and we are excited to announce our Q4 2022 Heroes of the Quarter! Every quarter of the year, IntelliSource takes the time to reflect on our accomplishments. We are proud to recognize team players who played key roles in us reaching milestones and goals. This quarterly announcement serves as recognition for outstanding employees, motivation for our broader team, and encompasses our proven strategies across varied departments while putting a foot forward to the months ahead and in this case, year-end.  

IntelliSource is proud of our corporate values which are accountability, integrity, tenacity, caring, passion, possibilities, and teamwork! 

Marking the end of a successful year, join us as we recognize a few of our amazing team members, who have gone above and beyond in executing service delivery, within the last 3 months. Those chosen to have demonstrated our core values at IntelliSource.     

Meet our Q3 2022 Heroes of the Quarter below!  Click on their picture to learn about their roles at IntelliSource and more.   

IntelliSource Q4 Hero - Alexandra
IntelliSource Q4 Hero - Jeremy
IntelliSource Q4 Hero - Rachael
IntelliSource Q4 Hero - Rocky