Ways to Connect With Your Team When Working Remotely

Whether you are working from home or on the verge of choosing a hybrid work schedule, chances are you are feeling disconnected from your colleagues or company. A flexible work schedule has been the ultimate way to retain employees during the pandemic and is a pattern in the workforce that we are still seeing today.

In a recent study by Gartner, “64% of today’s professionals say they could work anywhere, and remote work policies are common (in place at 71% of organizations).” 

This work model has provided advantages (like making work life balance more achievable and removing the stress of commuting) but has left many to face the downfall of feeling disconnected with their team. At IntelliSource, we thrive on a positive company culture and view employee engagement as a prominent way to reach our full potential. We make sure that working from home does not affect this people first approach. Here are proven ways to stay connected with your team when working remotely.  

Virtual meetings  

Make your communications more efficient by connecting with your team through virtual meetings. This direct way of connecting with your team makes collaborating easier and assures that every team member is a part of the conversation. We recommend setting time in your schedule to catch up with your team, celebrate milestones and encourage transparency throughout your work week. And as silly as it may sound, research shows that creating your settings to a speaker view and looking at their eyes while they are speaking increases your synchronicity with the team.  

Group chats

Instead of a dreaded email, stay connected by dropping a quick line to communicate with your team in group chats! Group chats are a fast and effortless way to create a safe space and builds a sense of community among your peers. Use chats to stay in the loop and have fun while creating ones for team support, to finalize projects by sharing files and even a meme as a pick me up.  

Frequent feedback 

There is always something to gain from receiving feedback. Around IntelliSource, you will often hear us say “feedback is a gift.” This is a fantastic way to come together as a team, that encourages growth within your company and enforces a positive company culture. Reach out to your team consistently to provide feedback and be open to receiving it as well. Doing so can improve processes, helps build confidence and is a great way to lend support.  

Virtual events 

When working from home, stay connected through virtual events! Our favorite digital experiences include webinars and contests. Participating in these events is seen to enhance work dynamics and build engagement throughout your team. According to International Data Corporation, companies with aligned work environments will see 30% lower employee turnover, 30% higher productivity, and 30% higher revenue per employee than the competition by 2024. This way of staying connected is by far our favorite for 2023.  

The next time you are working remotely, try applying these ways to stay connected with your team; you will be surprised by the positive outcome! If you are still apprehensive on these tips, view our LinkedIn poll where we asked our network for their favorite way to stay connected.